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Hello.  My name is Shelley.  I’m a 50-something wife, mother of 3, and grandmother of 2.  In February of 2014, my youngest – Bri (pronounced with a long I as in “sky”) – was in a tragic car accident that took the life of her friend who was driving and left Bri fighting for her life with a traumatic brain injury — changing her life, and ours, forever.  Life since then has been a devastating storm, an amazing adventure, a beautiful gift, a tough education and a priceless treasure.  This is my journal.



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  1. Kristina Roberts

    Hello Shelley,
    Where do I begin? I am just getting the courage to reach out to you and your family. I know it will probably make no difference, but I have lived with the memory of what happened 2/10/14 all this time and think about it nearly every day. My name is Kristina Robert (I am known as Tina). I live in Haslet and was one of the first people on the scene of your daughter and Shyann’s accident that day. My next door neighbor, Laura Vincent has spoken to your husband about me and I have just been too emotional to discuss that day and still am. I truly believe it was a God thing that I ended up there because I was on my way home from work in Irving and have never come home the route I did that day. I missed my exit from 114 on to 170 because I was talking to my mom so I went north to 156 to come back down. What I saw was the pick up truck flip and the rest was in very slow motion. Long story short, after determining the driver of the truck was alert and ok and Shyann was not with us, all I could do was be with Brianne. I have never felt so helpless. If your daughter has any memory of someone rubbing the back of her head and calling her “sweetie”, that was me. I followed her progress on caringbridge and now your blog and am so glad she is doing so wonderfully. I have prayed every day for everyone involved and have grieved for the Hooper family. I have wanted to reach out, but also think that it really wouldn’t change what has happened. I only hope that your daughter continue to thrive. God has a very special purpose for her and has clearly taught all of us important lessons through this tragedy. If you do want to reach out, I am fine with that, just understand that I may still be very emotional about what happened that day. If you do not, I also understand and feel better that I have reached out to you. I pray that God continue to Bless your family with wonderful things.


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