Dr. Zaman

The first time we met Dr. Zaman was early Friday morning, March 7, 2014.  We had arrived by ambulance the afternoon before to this place that was completely foreign to us and we were still feeling very unsure and afraid.  The first thing that morning, the Occupational Therapist had been in to help Bri shower and get dressed.  And considering that Bri couldn’t even hold her head up, this was not pleasant for either of us (though looking back we know it was her first step toward recovery and independence).

This is a picture of Brianna her first morning at Baylor right after that first shower.

03-07 First day of Rehab

A short while later, Dr. Dubiel and Dr. Zaman entered our room and introduced themselves.  Dr. Dubiel was Bri’s main doctor and Dr. Zaman was doing part of his residency there.  We didn’t see Dr. Dubiel a week after that first day because she was on vacation.  But Dr. Zaman’s would be the first face that we came to know and look forward to seeing during our first week there.  He brought such a bright yet calming presence to our room.  He was quick with a smile, a genuine smile, and always made sure to make some sort of physical contact with Bri, even if it was simply a hand on her shoulder.  He was kind and encouraging and funny and interested.  We grew to love him very quickly.  We saw Dr. Zaman every weekday morning for about two months before he left to work at another hospital.

I remember one very difficult morning in particular when Bri was just really sad and depressed.  I think it was the morning after I told her about ShyAnn.  We were having our morning visit with the doctors and while I can’t recall exactly what we were talking about, I remember that I started to tear up and just dropped my head into my hands.  When I got myself together and looked up again, Dr. Zaman’s eyes were red and teary as well.  I guess it could have been allergies, but I don’t think so.

Dr. Zaman was also the one who got to remove Bri’s PEG line – in other words he yanked it out!

This picture was taken May 15, 2014.  This was the last time Dr. Zaman and Bri saw each other.

2014-05-15 Bri & Dr. Zaman

One year later on May 19, 2015, Brianna saw a very familiar young man touring CNS with a group of residents.  I don’t know who was more excited!

2015.5.19 Dr. Zaman


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