Comforts of Home

Thank you for warm fuzzy blankets and soft comfy pillows – things to make sure we had some semblance of comfort during a very unsure time.


By our second night at the hospital, we had been given a couple of nice soft pillows and several fuzzy blankets to keep me warm on the waiting room couch.  I rotated between a stiff hospital recliner in her room (couldn’t take the fuzzy stuff in there) and this couch for two weeks before we got a room at the Ronald McDonald House.   Thank you for making sure we stayed warm and cozy during those difficult nights.


Brian, Shelley and Brianna


2 thoughts on “Comforts of Home

  1. Kent and Ruth Ann Turner

    This day did not get by me without realizing the significance it has to Brianna and your family. Please tell Brianna first and foremost that even though I never knew her friend ShyAnn, we pray for her family. There is never ‘closure’ it is a false term when you lose someone so precious, just evetually we learn to except God’s peace. I had to live thru and experience this concept when I lost someone very close to me when I was 17. Brianna, you have made such a tremendous recovery! Keep pushing, Keep climbing, Keep seeking something new! This will be your best rehab. You will look back next year on this date and be able to say ‘Man I have come a long way’! Brian – call me at 817-310-6264 – sorry man – I cant find your cell number in my phone!! I know that I have it but cant get it to show itself.

    1. Ruth Ann Turner

      Kent’s cell # is 817-319-6264.

      Hope & prayers continue for Brianna & all of you as you move forward on this journey. We love you & think of you often. Philippians 1:3

      Ruth Ann


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