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the impossible



I must confess that I was wrong about the basketball uniforms (see last post). Brianna suited up at every Friday night game – each time knowing she wouldn’t go in the game but always hoping for the impossible.

Well . . . the impossible happened.

Friday, February 5th was the last home game and senior night.  Coach Parris wanted to be sure every senior got to play.  EVERY senior.  Bri was introduced as a starter and started the game.  Our team fouled immediately so someone could substitute in for her as it is just too dangerous to leave her in and run the risk of getting hit in the head.

We were so excited!!  We took video and thoroughly enjoyed her one last time in a game, almost two years exactly from the last basketball game she played.

Or so we thought. With about 25 seconds left in the game, this happened:

Coach Parris had planned this with the cooperation of both teams, their coaches and the refs.  We were overjoyed and so appreciative of the class and kindness shown to Bri by people who didn’t have to.  Even the fans for the other team were on their feet cheering for her.  So I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Coach Parris and everyone who was there that night for allowing Brianna “the impossible” of playing the game she loves so much just one more time.