Monthly Archives: March 2015

Ribbons and Bows

Orange (for ShyAnn) and purple (for Brianna) ribbons and bows everywhere.  On trees, on sign posts, on mailboxes, on the entry to our subdivision, on our front porch posts and a huge bow on our mailbox.


I’m not exactly sure when they were put up, but I first saw them on February 14, 2014 when Brian and I were driving home from the hospital to get ready for ShyAnn’s funeral.

Over a year later there are still a few ribbons hanging on.   The ribbons on our front porch posts are still there – maybe a little faded, but still there. We’ve had two on our mailbox.  One was destroyed when someone ran over the mailbox and the second one blew off on a really windy day.  We still have the second bow hanging in our garage.


I wish I could describe to you just how much the ribbons have meant to me and my family.  They have brightened some dark days and have given encouragement and hope.  Some days they brought tears as I was reminded of their significance.  For months I would drive home down Willow Springs just so I could see all the ribbons.  And I still drive home that way when I am coming from the east.

So to all the people who tied ribbons and bows all over the neighborhood, THANK YOU!!