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Ribbons and Bows

Orange (for ShyAnn) and purple (for Brianna) ribbons and bows everywhere.  On trees, on sign posts, on mailboxes, on the entry to our subdivision, on our front porch posts and a huge bow on our mailbox.


I’m not exactly sure when they were put up, but I first saw them on February 14, 2014 when Brian and I were driving home from the hospital to get ready for ShyAnn’s funeral.

Over a year later there are still a few ribbons hanging on.   The ribbons on our front porch posts are still there – maybe a little faded, but still there. We’ve had two on our mailbox.  One was destroyed when someone ran over the mailbox and the second one blew off on a really windy day.  We still have the second bow hanging in our garage.


I wish I could describe to you just how much the ribbons have meant to me and my family.  They have brightened some dark days and have given encouragement and hope.  Some days they brought tears as I was reminded of their significance.  For months I would drive home down Willow Springs just so I could see all the ribbons.  And I still drive home that way when I am coming from the east.

So to all the people who tied ribbons and bows all over the neighborhood, THANK YOU!!



Comforts of Home

Thank you for warm fuzzy blankets and soft comfy pillows – things to make sure we had some semblance of comfort during a very unsure time.


By our second night at the hospital, we had been given a couple of nice soft pillows and several fuzzy blankets to keep me warm on the waiting room couch.  I rotated between a stiff hospital recliner in her room (couldn’t take the fuzzy stuff in there) and this couch for two weeks before we got a room at the Ronald McDonald House.   Thank you for making sure we stayed warm and cozy during those difficult nights.


Brian, Shelley and Brianna



Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, lotion, deodorant, sore muscle cream, Kleenex – and lots of all of these things.  I am so glad you knew we would need all of this, because it was a few days before I was able to go home.  We were able to keep some at home, some at the Ronald McDonald House, and some at the hospital without having to pack and unpack each time we moved from one to the other.

And like the snacks and drinks, we had a large storage tub about half full of these toiletry items.

Your generosity has been extreme.

We had so much we were able to donate a lot of this to the CIS program at Bri’s school as well.

Thank you!


Brian, Shelley and Brianna

Snacks and Beverages

The first thing I remember receiving after the accident was a gift bag full of snacks and individual drink mix packets. Within a week’s time, we had a LARGE plastic storage container full of snacks of all kinds (granola bars, candy bars, snack crackers, breakfast bars, fresh fruit, fruit cups, cookies and so much more) and another one full of assorted bottled drinks.  Not only did we have enough to share with visitors, we were able to share with families of other patients and other Ronald McDonald House residents.  In fact, by mid-May, we still had so much that we were able to donate the plastic tub, which was still half full, to the CIS program at Northwest High School that provides bags of food for students who would otherwise not have food on weekends.


This is just a sample of what we received.  A small sample.  A VERY small sample.

So to everyone who brought snacks and beverages to us while Bri was in the hospital — and there are so many of you — THANK YOU! While we had no idea what all we would be needing, you made sure we had more than enough to eat while we spent so much time at both hospitals.  And you fed not only us, but many others who needed it as well.

Thank you!


Brian, Shelley and Brianna