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Memory Verse for October 15, 2014

Every couple of weeks, I try to memorize a different verse from scripture. It may be a verse that I feel like God has pointed out to me, it may be an old favorite that I really need because of something I’m going through, or it may be one that simply needs refreshing because I’ve forgotten it over time.

The verse I chose for this last week is actually a whole chapter – Psalm 117. Fortunately for me, the chapter is only two verses – two short verses.  Whew!

1Praise Adonai, all you nations! Worship him, all you peoples!  For his grace has overcome us, and Adonai’s truth continues forever.  HalleluyahPsalm 117 (CJB)

I like the New International Version (NIV) but I recently discovered the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) on Bible Gateway, and I absolutely love it. It uses the Hebrew names of God, which I love, but it words scripture in a way that, in my opinion, takes it to a whole different level.

For example:   I LOVE the line that says, “For his grace has overcome us.”  In the NIV the same line is written, “For great is his love toward us.”  Now don’t get me wrong!  “For great is his love toward us” is amazing and beautiful , but “for his grace has overcome us” leaves me speechless.  I don’t even know how to describe how that speaks to me.  Different level.  Deep waters.