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How Do You

This is something I wrote the day before the one year anniversary of the accident.  It really isn’t complete or anything, it’s just a few thoughts that were going through my head at that time.


How do you measure a year? In days, weeks and months? Or in moments and memories?

How do you describe how drastically life can change in a single moment for three families in three very different ways?

How do you explain God bringing two of these families together in ways you could never imagine for reasons you still don’t know?

How do you imagine that a family on the brink of disaster can be saved by such a costly tragedy?

How do you reconcile being joyously grateful for the daughter you still have while dreadfully missing the girl she used to be?

How do you come home at the end of the day to your child being there when a friend down the street comes home to her child’s empty bedroom?

How do you grieve that your daughter can no longer play the sport she loves when another’s daughter is no longer here?

How do you miss and ache so much for someone that you didn’t know all that well?

How do you open your hands and let go of your shattered dreams so God can give you new dreams when you don’t yet know what they are?

River of Life

First things first – the baby’s name is River.


River Ivy  Christensen — Isn’t she so pretty?!?

I have to say I don’t handle chaos well.  And while I’m not sure it has been chaotic the past four weeks, it has been a little over my head.  Or maybe I should say “full” – it has been full.  Some ups and some downs — all the things that make a life full.

So what all has been going on the past four weeks?

  1. Board Meeting at work.
  2. Work
  3. Several doctor visits – about two a week.
  4. Team dinner at our house.
  5. A weekend get-away to Fredericksburg.
  6. School
  7. A few emotional breakdowns/breakthroughs.
  8. Therapy
  9. Thanksgiving at our house with family.
  10. Grub Run (walk)
  11. Bri was sick most of last week with the flu.
  12. Babysitting

And other than the cookies about a month ago – I still haven’t baked anything pumpkin!!  I’m letting go of that dream.  Until next fall anyway.

A few pictures to document the last four weeks . . .


Lady Texan Team Dinner



Morning coffee view in Fredericksburg.



Grub Run (Bri walked half of the 5K)



Bri helping with River.


Hello world!

Hello.  My name is Shelley.  I’m a 40-something wife, mother of 3, and grandmother-to-be-in-November of 1.  In February of this year, my youngest – Bri (pronounced with a long I as in “sky”) – was in a tragic car accident that took the life of her friend who was driving and left Bri fighting for her life with a traumatic brain injury, changing her life, and ours, forever.  Life since then has been a devastating storm, an amazing adventure, a beautiful gift, a tough education and a priceless treasure.  This is my journal.